Weedsies Is Trailblazing the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis Space as a Problem Solver

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 30, 2020 / Marijuana legalization has always been a subject of controversy over the years. Although, there hasn’t been much debate on the issue thanks to the just concluded divisive and polarizing presidential election. However, five states broadly adopted the legalization of marijuana, for recreational or medical use, or both. These states include Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. Legalizing marijuana in these additional U.S states is expected to grow the industry by at least $9 billion.

On Friday, November 6, the House of Representatives passed the legislation to decriminalize marijuana and erase non-violent marijuana-related convictions. The legislation, which had 228-164 votes to approve the legislation, was bipartisan, and it was the first time that either chamber of congress endorsed the legalization of cannabis. The bill would subsequently remove cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act and authorize a 5% tax on marijuana. The tax would, in turn, fund the communities and grants to help people who have been most impacted by the criminalization of marijuana. With the new legislation, the number of states where medical marijuana is legal is now 35, while fifteen states have legalized recreational cannabis. The new law would require federal courts to discharge and release those serving sentences for nonviolent, marijuana-related offenses, set up grants and funding programs that are focused on providing legal aid, job training, and substance use treatment.

Weedsies is an online marketplace for the CBD, Cannabis, and Hemp industry, founded by Henry Calix who was recently featured as number 8 on the top 20 CEO list of 2020 by CEO Weekly for his innovative business strategies. Henry created Weedsies after noticing several challenges in the growing industry. One of those challenges is distribution, and Weedsies is simply a one-stop-shop for anything Hemp, CBD, or Cannabis-related.

There is no industry without a problem. Over the years, the CBD and Cannabis Industry seem to be facing different state and federal legislation that prohibits the sale, distribution, or use of cannabis for whatever reason. Weedsies functions as a middleman between the distributors and the consumers and respects every state and federal law by showing users the available and legal products in their states. Weedsies is the only online marketplace that has managed to bring all the products into a single space while facilitating and allowing more payment methods than any other marketplace within the industry. Some of these payment methods available include credit cards, online cash payment, and cryptocurrencies. This is another problem Weedsies has managed to solve, as the payment problem is something that most online retailers can’t seem to fix for the industry. Weedsies is the go-to platform for retailers and consumers of CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis. They are unique because they are the only company that distinguishes state lines according to each state’s regulations.

The CBD and Hemp industry continues to rise daily, with more people looking for alternatives to their health problems. And seeing how beneficial hemp can be, people have been using it to treat their asthma, arthritis, cough, skin problems, and other numerous conditions. Until the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak forced the closure of physical and contact businesses, and all attention turned to digital platforms. For the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis industry stakeholders, Weedsies has helped them stay afloat until now by solving their problems of marketing and distribution.

Henry Calix is confident in Weedsies’ rise to prominence and becoming a household name in America as they continue to expand. Not only is Weedsies the only online marketplace of its kind anywhere in the world, but it is also a pioneer in the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis industry. As a technology company, Weedsies is also developing a point of sale system to help the retail component of the industry with the same payment options it offers online. “It’s exciting times for the company, when the time comes for Weedsies to go public, we will have the biggest IPO in history”, says Weedsies CEO and founder Henry Calix, with confidence and enthusiasm.

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