JD Digits’ AI technologies support in the fight against COVID-19

BEIJING,CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2020 / Amid an outbreak, over 4 million community workers across China are now dedicated to collecting information and screening potentially affected individuals. JD Digits’ calling system offers a much safer and more agile alternative – instead of going door to door, the community workers can instead upload their key questions and contact lists to the system.

By calling and asking the questions, the robot collects important clinical information, such as body temperature, travel to at-risk sites, and more, thereby supporting efforts to identify cases of possible infections through advanced filtering of collected data. This is particularly useful for hospitals in severely affected areas which are often understaffed and operating with limited resources.

In support, JD Digits is swiftly deploying its flexible artificial intelligence (AI) – powered solutions – including several conversational AI products – to help communities with their day-to-day screening and reporting work. Facilitating the collection of urgently needed clinical information and providing free online consulting services, JD Digits’ community-centric approach is helping to alleviate shortages of medical resources during the public health emergency as well as reducing the risk of viral transmission through face-to-face interactions.

Additionally, JD Digits has also deployed an online questionnaire system called JD Digits Survey-Pro. It provides hospitals, companies, and residential communities with another tool for easily monitoring and analyzing critical information, from people’s health to their return-to-work status. People can easily access via a QR code. This system has proven highly successful within JD Digits itself in terms of its ability to quickly generate data. Since the outbreak, JD Digits has donated the system to over 200 public service institutions and companies to assist them in monitoring and synchronizing the latest health-related information.

JD Digits’ robotic consultancy services – based on a deep learning algorithm – are another AI-powered software being actively used for medical and health-related advice. Helping more than 200 social entities, the system is now accessible on WeChat and apps in the form of a mini program, through which users can access a variety of free online services, including medical consultations and treatment recommendations, drawn from the National Health Commission’s extensive knowledge pool. In addition, users can also purchase relevant medicines, locate the nearest fever clinics and designated hospitals, and see real-time information about the COVID-19 virus or receive alerts about nearby cases of infections. For medical institutions, such as hospitals and centers for disease control, JD Digits’ product is helping to alleviate workloads and reduce viral exposure by providing an effective and safe online alternative.

“We are deeply concerned about the COVID-19 epidemic and the well-being of the communities and JD Digits employees”, said Liefeng Bo, Chief Scientist at JD Digits. “We have shown our capability in deep learning and natural language processing and the flexibility in responding to a major public health emergency. The team put a great emphasis on the efficiency and accuracy of our products. Effective solutions do not exist in the void and this cannot do without the collective work with people in the fields.”

JD Digits is a leading Chinese digital technology company that connects the real economy through world-class digital solutions. First established under JD.com, China’s largest retailer, it later began operating as an independent business group in October 2013.

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