flooidCX Releases a Game Changer Auto-Review Generator Feature for Resolution1

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / March 5, 2020 / flooidCX, Corp. (OTCQB:FLCX) announces a game changer auto-review feature to assist businesses in generating more authentic reviews. This new feature helps businesses improve the customer experience by making it easier (for customers) to post genuine reviews while managing the entire process seamlessly on Resolution1 (https://flooidcx.com/resolution1/).

In the world of social influence what customers say about a brand matter. flooidCX offers a convenient way for customers to follow through that last mile of the customer experience process in assisting businesses to generate positive reviews that can be auto posted onto ratings and review sites. “Reviews are a great way for businesses to showcase to potential customers how their current customers feel about them. It builds trust through transparency. Our ‘auto-review generator’ makes it easier for customers to post reviews instantly.” states flooidCX founder & CEO, Richard Hue, He added, that with this new feature, businesses can now easily send customized review requests to their customers to showcase the brands customer experience on multiple channels including Google Reviews, Facebook and GripeVine (https://flooidcx.com/gripevine/). Businesses have the ability to custom create and manage multiple review email templates to gain valuable insights, track customer responses, increase on-site conversion, and boost traffic from online searches and social platforms.”

About flooidCX Corp.: flooidCX (https://flooidcx.com/) is the customer experience solutions company. We are the global experts who help bridge the customer care and feedback gap between companies and consumers by unifying communications and collaborations over one seamless platform. We utilize our proprietary intuitive suite of solutions that assist businesses to listen, learn and reach out to consumers at the right time.

About Resolution1, Inc.: Resolution1 (https://flooidcx.com/resolution1/) is a “cloud-based” call center-like solution where customers can contact a business via omni-channeled options convenient to them. Businesses can manage the logistics of Customer Care, Feedback or Inquiries throughout their entire organization on one seamless platform. Resolution1 enhances the customer experience and protects a business’s reputation by providing solutions to respond instantly while keeping track of every customer inquiry.

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