Citizens Reaction to First Local Corona Virus Case From Hillsboro, Oregon USA

HILLSBORO, OR / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2020 / Anyone who watches YouTube and has searched about the corona virus can tell you that the scenes in China were very disturbing to say the least. No matter what ‘your take’ on it may be, when someone sees images and videos of entire cities with no people walking around or driving in a metropolitan area of 11 million people, it’s very eerie.

When Gene Anderson, CEO of Moto Sign and Media Corporation of Portland Oregon shared links/images with some of his friends about what’s happening in China, he received every opinion you can imagine from “Its all a big conspiracy to change the election and its fake news” to “It’s a man made bio weapon that’s going to eventually kill us all”!


Being the curious person Gene tends to be, he thought to himself, “if the virus became a big concern to people here in the USA, the first thing I would think would be effected was the respirator/mask industry”. So after he heard that a few cases had made their way to America, Gene decided to see if masks were in fact selling well.

What he was about to find out was hard to believe, but it’s true.

Even at a time when the State of Oregon had zero corona virus cases, all the paint masks, dust masks, respiratory masks, etc., were sold out in his local city, including all the big chain stores. Aside from the health issues he personally considered, as a businessman for over 30 years, Mr Anderson said, “I have learned that in any ‘out of norm’ national or global event, there are financial winners and losers. Some companies will see gains in sales while others will suffer devastation. Supply and demand is what markets are all about.”

Then what happen next really opened his eyes.

The same night after Gene found out that all the masks were gone in his relatively small city of about 100k people (where no corona virus cases in the entire state had been discovered yet), they announced that someone in his own city of Hillsboro Oregon had contracted the virus and they were now in his local hospital. Gene said, “That was really something. I figured it would not reach my home town for a long time but I was wrong.”

Now for the bad news.

Human nature at its lowest? Not here! Never!

The next day (last Saturday morning), while at a ‘major nationwide wholesale chain store’ a friend of Mr. Anderson texted him the following. “Everyone this morning is going nuts! Lines to the back of the store in all directions! People are wearing masks and gloves and acting like madmen! I think people are freaking out!”

With that being said, there are a few points that Mr. Anderson says will now become very relevant in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

The top three are:

*What are the products people should have on hand? (Toilet paper even ran out at the local chain stores!)

*What should families do if someone has symptoms? (or not do!)

*What things can families do to prepare now?

After what Gene has now experienced, he says knowing the facts about virus’s and pandemics before they arrive is a very intelligent thing to do.


Moto Sign and Media Corporation is proud to publish this informative interactive-booklet with ‘checklists’ authored by a Medical-Author/MD and an Infectious Disease Specialist, CNS, RN, MSN, entitled “How to Protect your family during Pandemics“. It provides a well-organized “How to” preparation guide for such a time as this.


Debbie McGeorge
Operations Officer
Moto Sign and Media Corp

SOURCE: Moto Sign and Media Corp

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