The Inspirational Life of the Beauty Legend Dr. Pratima Totla

JAIPUR, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / FEBRUARY 8, 2020 / Pratima Totla has been an icon for women all over the country due to her success and an interesting life story. Today there is so much competition in the beauty industry that everyone claims to be an expert. In such an industry people like Pratima Totla are changing the rules and setting the bar high for the newcomers.

There are so many young girls who look up to Pratima Totla for various reasons. Starting from her impeccable style sense to her stunning personality, there are so many things that amaze these young souls. This nationwide popularity is mainly because of her being the Mrs. India Fashion Icon in 2017. Ever since she won that title she has constantly been on the news with the media not getting enough of her, no matter how many interviews she gave. It’s not hard to imagine why the country’s youth is going gaga over her the past few years!

This is not all, she was also declared to be the brand ambassador of Mrs. Heritage World 2017 which can be considered to be a massive achievement in such a glamorous industry. Many models, as well as aspiring contestants of countless beauty pageants, follow her footsteps to achieve success. There are so many who follow her styles closely, while there are others who strictly follow her lifestyle and try to develop a peppy personality like her. So in her own way, she has encouraged millions of girls who wish to make a name in this industry. This is a major reason why she won the Top 50 Indian Icon awards right in 2017. She is surrounded by a loving and passionate group of fans wherever she goes and especially on social media. Her widespread popularity in this country is also the reason why she was the ultimate choice for the talk show ‘The Star Gazers Of India’. The show is aired on ‘India TV’ and is hosted by none other than the incredible Pratima Totla.

She brings plenty of charm and charisma to the show with her years of experience and expertise in this industry. Her personality takes this show to a whole new level and makes it such an enjoyable show for people of all ages. The ratings have been high since day one as the youth of the entire nation including her fans stay tuned to know what new element is yet to be uncovered in the upcoming episodes. As a host, no one could have handled the unique elements of the show better than her. Due to her popularity following this show and the numerous awards she received for her remarkable work in the others sections of the society, soon she became an international celebrity who is loved and cherished worldwide.

Today vibrant young girls and guys from almost every part of the world recognize her due to her beauty, class and universal humanitarian works which is why on 2018 she won the World Icon award. Not just this, in 2019 she also became the brand ambassador of the World Icon awards at Sri Lanka. In all these years she has been invited in multiple shows as well as beauty pageants to become a jury or for hosting it. Apart from this, Pratima Totla is also internationally famous as a motivational speaker, model, and even as a writer! Once she was even honored at the globally renowned Vishnu Temple in Bangkok.

What makes her stand apart from the crowd, in this volatile industry is the fact that there is so much more to her than meets the eye. She is not only a legend in the beauty industry but is also widely known because of her intelligence and humanitarian works. She is what you can say, A beauty with a brain! No wonder she has been given multiple awards for both of these aspects in the past few years. While the Dr. APJ AbdulKalam campaign was announced Pratima Totla was declared as the national brand ambassador. Some of the other awards she achieved are:

  • Asia pride award 2018
  • National excellence award 2018
  • National superwoman award 2018
  • Top 10 most powerful personality of Rajasthan 2017, 2019
  • Pride of Rajasthan 2018
  • Rashtra Gaurav award
  • India excellence prize award 2018
  • Top 100 most powerful women in India

All these achievements, but what many people aren’t aware of, is that the journey started after she turned 40. Her story is an inspiration for married women all over the country who are still searching for their identity and doubting themselves at every step. She motivates all housewives to come out of their comfort zones and work hard to conquer the world and live their dreams. In fact, to inspire more people and make them realize that it’s never too late to start, she has started the ‘I Can’ campaign. Hopefully, more and more women will join the campaign in the near future and find the right path to achieving their dreams.

About Dr. Pratima Totla
People all over the world know Pratima Totla as a renowned model and host. Only a few know that she is also a doctorate which makes her so appealing to the youth that craves for an idol who is not just a pretty face but also has an intelligent & bright mind with a heart of gold that yearns to assist people who are in need of it. Her doctorate degree was awarded by the Academy of universal global peace – the USA due to her awards and achievements. Due to her groundbreaking works for the society, she even became the International Chairperson of the Anti-corruption foundation of India.

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