Actress and Producer Kate Bosworth and Filmmaker Michael Polish Join SpiiderGriip(TM) As Founding Equity Partners

Bosworth and Polish are named co-owners of the innovative tech company

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 13, 2020 / SpiiderGriip™ today announces its newest partners: filmmaking powerhouse duo, Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish. The couple joins the company as founding equity partners and part owners. With this partnership comes an exciting new line of phone griips™, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The custom XOXO line, which debuts today, is the first of several upcoming creative collaborations between Bosworth, Polish, and SpiiderGriip.

“As producers and filmmakers, it has always been important that we have the right tools to create quality content. We’ve been using SpiiderGriip for a while as a way to document our everyday lives,” Bosworth explains, “which is why it’s so fitting that we would become partners in this incredible venture, and even more so, design our custom XOXO line, inspired by our endless love for each other and our work. This is just the beginning of our journey with SpiiderGriip, capturing life’s moments no matter the circumstance: on set, on the go, or for special occasions with your loved ones.”

“With creativity being such a vital part of being an entrepreneur, it’s imperative to surround yourself with people that share that same quality,” says David Britt, SpiiderGriip’s co-founder and inventor. “Kate and Michael exemplify the word creativity, and most importantly, are good people. They are driven, talented, and highly focused individuals. That cannot be denied. The XOXO design they brought to life is brilliant, and shows the fashion side of a product that prides itself on security, comfort, durability, and functionality. It’s like the perfect blending of two worlds and truly speaks to the kind of people they are. My co-founding partner and I, along with the partner’s of the company, are honored to call Kate and Michael our partners and are very proud to be working with them.”

SpiiderGriip didn’t invent the phone grip, but they have evolved it into its best form. The product is a flexible, rubberized device that simply and quickly adheres to the back of a phone or phone case. The revolutionary design provides complete confidence and freedom, forming comfortably to the size of your fingers, and is bendable for maximum comfort. When the device is in an opened position, it provides a comfortable loop that you can put your finger(s) through for a comfortable, secure grip. Additionally, is capable of acting as a phone stand to view and watch content, hands free. When closed, the SpiiderGriip is virtually flat, allowing the user to slip it easily into his or her pocket or purse.

“SpiiderGriip is full of features that no other phone grip has and it gives you the peace of mind to get the most out of your device without fear of slipping, dropping or breaking,” added Britt.

Among other interesting features, the SpiiderGriip loop will rotate 360 degrees, which allows users to perfectly position their phone when taking a photo or shooting a video. This same feature allows users to “wear” the phone on the back of their hand, convenient when you need both hands to scoop up your kids or pets. It also functions as a stand for your phone, allowing users to prop it up at two different angles.

The original SpiiderGriip is currently available in black, white and hot pink, with other colors soon available. The limited edition red XOXO design will be available on February 13th, with new neon colors of the XOXO design to be available in spring 2020 with preorder available in the coming weeks. All SpiiderGriip products are made in the United States, retail for $19.99, and are currently sold exclusively at

Benefits of SpiiderGriip:

· Rotates 360 degrees to take the best photos and selfies

· Allows you to hold your phone in a natural and comfortable way

· Folds down flat and locks in place when not in use

· Lets you have full use of both hands while your phone is secured

· Props up to use as a stand

· Easily slides into your pockets or purse

To learn more about SpiiderGriip, or for product or interview requests, please contact Erin Heaney at or 843-995-1322. For interview requests with Kate Bosworth or for more information on her partnership, please email

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About SpiiderGriip:

In 2017, the idea was born to invent a premium product that prevented dropped phones. After massive amounts of research and product development, that idea evolved into SpiiderGriip™. In efforts to provide ultimate security and maximum comfort for smartphone users, SpiiderGriip™ created the one-stop-shop of cellphone accessories. SpiiderGriip™ secures the phone to your hand, allows you to take the best selfie ever by rotating 360 degrees, props up perfectly, and lays flat when not in use. The inventors of SpiiderGriip™ literally tried everything and then made something superior. SpiiderGriip™ is one of a kind. Once you try it, you won’t live without it.

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