11 Young Entrepreneurs That Have Made It Their Mission to Cash In On Their Passions

FORT WAYNE, IN / ACCESSWIRE / February 27, 2020 / At some point in their lives, each entrepreneur featured in this piece has been uncertain about their future, doubted, or swayed away from their mission to impact people by the masses. What each of these entrepreneurs also have in common is the fact that they all have shown resilience and a refusal to give up. Through countless hours of grind and hard work, they have achieved success and a life built around their passions. It goes to show that if these people can achieve their dreams, then you can as well.

Luc Longmire, Forex and Network Marketing

Luc Longmire has long believed in the idea that no one else should be able to determine his worth, tell him when he needs to show up to work, take lunch, and so on. He wants to be in full control of his destiny, and today he is able to do just that. He day trades forex and crypto currency, and couples that by introducing this craft to thousands of hopeful entrepreneurs around the globe. To get to where he is at today, however, Luc has overcome hard times and mental struggles to find massive success. As a young adult, he developed an unfortunate addiction to painkillers after being prescribed to them after surgery. He ultimately wound up serving time in jail as a result of his dealing drugs, but his life all changed during his time there. He discovered “Think and Grow Rich”, and knew that he had what it took to become financially stable and turn his life around.

After rehabilitation, Luc took a position at Lowe’s and quickly took a promotion to become a manager. He leveraged this experience to become a manager at a Gold’s Gym, and became an experienced salesman during his time there. All of this experience prepared him to take full advantage of the opportunity to work in forex and network marketing when the venture was proposed to him. The saying that luck is where opportunity meets preparation certainly held true in this situation, as Luc’s recent experience managing a gym and selling its services prepared him to thrive in a marketing position at the company while he mastered trading currencies. Luc’s life today is far from average. He spends a lot of his time traveling the globe preaching the beauty of day trading, and puts his spiritual well being first as he tries to make the memories that make his soul rich.

Nick Rogers, Business Driven Dream

Business Driven Dream looks like a business education powerhouse on social media, but it was founded by one man, 20 year old Nick Rogers. Nick had a vision to follow his passion and put his skills to work in his own venture. In October of 2018, BDD was founded on the idea of building a meaningful entity that will leave a massive impact on the industry, and not out of the interest of making a quick and easy profit at the expense of others. Utilizing his marketing skills he gained while running a dropshipping venture, Nick scaled the page to 100k followers organically in just 4 short months. It was becoming more and more apparent that Rogers’ decision to drop out of the University of Pittsburgh after just 2 months was the perfect decision.

Fast forward to today, and BDD has a strong presence on both Instagram and Twitter, with a website just recently launching. The website features articles from contributors, current business news, and courses curated by industry leaders catered to anyone regardless of experience. Within the next few years, the BDD website has the potential to become an industry leader in the business education niche and leave an impact on people by the thousands. With all of the networking Rogers has done growing his brands’ social media presence, he has made some dynamic connections. This networking has lead him to a new venture with a partner, Pvsted Media. Pvsted is a marketing agency that specializes in growing brands on social media for clients, which Nick is undoubtedly well versed and experienced in. In 2019, growing a personal brand is essential to finding success in any industry, and Nick is looking to solve this problem with Pvsted. With BDD and Pvsted Media on full tilt moving forward, it would be hard to say that Nick Rogers won’t become a force in the industry in the near future.

Henry Aaron Westbrooks, iGrowClub & Health & Wealth Show

Henry Aaron Westbrooks was an ambitious kid. He always had big dreams, and wanted to be rich and successful. He coupled that with an outspoken, bold personality and quickly became immensely likeable and popular in high school. Fast forward to his professional career, and he is a reputable realtor in South Florida, a master door to door seller generating millions for the solar industry as a solar energy consultant, and is a master of pitching products and building value for clients. It’s no coincidence that Henry has always had a knack for relating to people he interacts with on a deep personal level. Combining his passion for interacting and connecting with others with being fully in control of his business as an entrepreneur, Westbrooks set out to launch his own company.

iGrowClub was the result. Westbrooks founded the company on the premise of helping to grow his clients’ social media presence organically by working with them to identify their brand mission statement. By handling the marketing, Henry’s clients are able to devote all of their attention to the day to day operations and creating content for social media. Westbrooks also founded the Health and Wealth show, an enlightening podcast that focuses on spirituality and mental well being. The guests he brings on are empowered to share their stories, visions, ideas and journeys and Henry covers topics ranging from business to relationships, pop culture and upcoming trends. With a dynamic business slated to crush the industry and a podcast that allows him to express himself and decompress, Henry Aaron Westbrooks epitomises a well balanced, healthy adult life.

Jerome Clarah, Forex and FreeMinds

Jerome Clarah has always sought balance. He always saw a lot of people with money and no time to enjoy it, and people who had plenty of time but no money to have at their leisure. Seeing this, Clarah knew he wanted to find a way to have a balance between the two. As a result, he picked up a venture in the forex markets. Over the past 3 plus years, he’s been growing his income trading and has become a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. He’s fallen in love with not only being able to make money trading for himself, but to have the ability to help others around the world financially.

Not long after, FreeMinds was born out of Clarah’s passion for marketing and working with others. FreeMinds focuses on helping clients build their brand through photography, videography, website building, and consulting. The company is still in the startup phase, and Jerome is taking his time to ensure that it’s set up perfectly for launch so that as he scales, the company will still be able to bring massive value the same way that it currently does with its small client base. On his success thus far, Jerome said that surrounding himself with people who share a common future rather than a common past is critical to leveling up and being pushed to your limits. So far, that strategy has clearly been paying off for him.

Leonard Person Jr., MyHouseGram.com

Leonard is the CEO of MyHouseGram.com, which specializes in teaching strategic real estate investing methods including quiet title litigation, wholesale acquisition deals, buying and selling non performing notes, and the basics of flipping homes. Credit repair and business lines of credit for startups is also offered through MyHouseGram.com. His company’s ability to offer so many financial and investment services under one roof gives them a massive advantage in the industry, as his company’s core values has its client’s best interests in mind. His company’s services allow customers to create multiple streams of income through owning properties without mortgages. This, Leonard says, is the key to true financial success.

After being inspired to get into real estate by a friend who was collecting checks for $20,000 a property, Leonard Person Jr. quickly became immersed in the industry and began learning everything he could to perform in the market. Before long, he was netting six figures flipping properties and had a first year that brought him over $1.2M. Rather than keeping the knowledge to himself, he self published a book on real estate titled, “Hood Estate The Manual”. This book was created with the idea of helping teach the urban community how to flip properties and build wealth by leveraging credit.

Taking his love for real estate a step further, Leonard founded MyHouseGram.com, a company that specializes in teaching strategic real estate investing methods including quiet title litigation, wholesale acquisition deals, buying and selling non performing notes, and the basics of flipping homes. The site also doubles as a method to repair credit and obtaining business lines of credit for startups. The real estate market is saturated and a tough industry to break into in certain markets, and Leonard’s ability to pivot and operate a company that teaches real estate basics while he works on flipping properties allows him to thrive growing two ventures in the same niche. At the same time, he is looking to put others in front of himself on his way to massive success. His website is predicated on the idea that people who may otherwise have no clue how to get involved in the industry now have this very helpful platform to guide them every step of the way until they begin seeing profits. Leonard Person Jr. is a living example of how there are many possibilities available to cash in on your passion, but it’s up to you to go out and find them.

Chris Diaz, The Chris Diaz Agency

The name says it all. For Chris Diaz, he doesn’t need to brand his marketing with some clever or catchy name, because he knows the value he brings to the table for his clients is unmatched. The Chris Diaz Agency helps bring massive exposure to his clients’ social media pages by utilizing his massive network of connections. Through networking with entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and influencers, Diaz’s influence is massive, and he leverages that network to ensure that his clients are able to rapidly scale their brands on social media. Amassing such a dynamic network is much easier said than done, and Chris has spent countless months creating content, posting, engaging with followers, and fostering relationships on social media to get to where he’s at today.

Helping others grow on social media isn’t just a way to make money for Chris, it’s a passion that changed his life. For a period of time, Chris felt stuck in depression with no motivation to do much of anything. He’d fall asleep midday during conversations, and had trouble getting up in the morning. Rather than staying down and spiraling out of control, he got a grip and invested in personal development. After consuming books, courses and videos, he knew his heart was set on going all in on social media. While the move was about him originally, he knew that his story would be able to inspire others to follow suit and take advantage of the number one networking and personal branding tool that is known as Instagram. Chris Diaz is walking proof that you can dedicate yourself to your passion and emerge as a leader in your niche in a few months and cash in on your passions.

Brad Walston, Walston Ventures

Brad Walston’s work ethic isn’t something new. Ever since he was forced to support himself in high school after his mom left him to fend for himself, he has worked for everything he’s gotten. After graduating college, Brad opened his own firm that focused on helping people in his community obtain mortgages for homes, something he was extremely passionate about. Following that, he became a Phoenix police officer and worked hard to make an impact on the kids in his community. Regardless of what he’s involved with, he puts his passion behind his work and ensures that those around him are a higher priority than himself.

Currently, Brad is all in on his newest endeavor, Walston Ventures. The agency focuses on helping property owners find long term suitors to rent out their properties. With his past knowledge on mortgages, transitioning into the rental space has been seamless for him. He focuses on building solid relationships with property owners and landlords, something that comes easy to him after putting so much time into building relationships with the local youth in Phoenix as part of the force. On top of linking tenants with property owners, Brad provides a cleaning service to ensure that he provides as much value as he can to both the landlords and tenants. It goes without saying that Brad is committed to making his own way and support himself while also ensuring that he leaves a massive positive impact on everyone around him.

Jake Havron, Personal Wellness Coach

Jake Havron has always had a passion for fitness and physical wellness. With both playing college basketball and being a nursing major, he was constantly immersed in fitness and health science. After playing for a Hawaii pro basketball team that eventually folded, Jake was initially devastated. But, it ended up being a blessing in disguise, and lead to a major paradigm shift in his life. He began following his dream of being a personal trainer, and he started to realize that helping people stay healthy enough to stay out of the hospital would be much more rewarding than working as a nurse in a hospital helping people that are just looking to get back to full health. He began pouring his heart out into his work, helping clients physically, mentally, and emotionally. He didn’t even feel like he was working at all, which only confirmed to him that this is what he was meant to do.

One day, Jake had another major life shift come in the form of a new client. A woman in a wheelchair came in seeking his service, and he was able to help her see amazing results in a short time frame. As a result, he launched a full online training program for people with disabilities, Disability Icon. Fast forward a few months, and Jake is in Southern California pursuing his full time dream of impacting people by the masses with his online training course while going after his passion of acting and modeling on the side. Jake knew that working long overnight shifts at the hospital would not allow him to come anywhere near impacting the amount of people he aspired to. By being an entrepreneur, he has been able to be in control of his life and his career, knowing he can work tirelessly on his purpose and passions.

Darryl Drake, Strategy Academy Pros

Darryl Drake has always been in the business of helping others through his business. While his initial company that he scaled to $40M by the age of 29 was focused in sales, he spent time running free seminars and speeches across the country teaching business expansion techniques and giving free advice on social media. Even with all of his success spanning over a decade, Drake’s relentless mindset simply would not allow him to settle. He decided to make a major change in his life, and launch a company that would be based on helping others. Strategy Academy Pros was the result. The company focuses both on helping people obtain business and personal credit and educating people on credit to ensure that they’ll never run into issues again.

Darryl’s passion for entrepreneurship stemmed from his childhood, where he’d help manage his mother’s clothing stores. He’s always been passionate about his business ideas, and unlike most people, he’s taken massive action on his ideas and seen success. He enjoys the flexibility entrepreneurship provides, even in failure. Darryl understands that failure is inevitable, and the most important part is to be candid even in failure. Too often, people are only willing to document their wins, and they give a false impression that entrepreneurship is always smooth sailing. Darryl is extremely conscious of this, and makes sure to be honest about his failures so that people can see his ups and downs and know that it’s all part of the process.

Shawn Anthony, Schools Over… Now What?

Ever since Shawn Anthony was a kid, he’s seen how lucrative being a successful entrepreneur can be. His older brother was involved with event promotion, and Shawn soon followed suit. It was going so well that there was an instance where Shawn left a party with a few thousand dollars in cash in his hand at just 14 years old. This made Shawn hugely aware of how valuable having good communication and marketing skills was. Not only did possessing those skills help him cash in as a high schooler, but they translated to the corporate world as well. In just 4 years, Anthony saw himself get promoted 6 different times. After stumbling on the world of podcasting and listening to the likes of Ed Mylett and Evan Carmichael, Shawn knew it was time to share all of his knowledge with the world.

Today, Shawn serves a massive audience by hosting his podcast, titled “School’s Over… Now What?” The podcast focuses on guiding his audience to finding success after graduation by interviewing people who have already found success themselves. Since launching in 2018, Shawn has drawn the attention of some of the world’s best business leaders, with 50 collective individuals worth over $2 billion combined. By having this platform, some of the people Shawn used to look up to are now his friends. The podcast has achieved a top 100 ranking on the Apple podcast charts, and Shawn isn’t showing any signs of slowing down or getting complacent. He’s been able to mentor thousands of entrepreneurs across the world, and the goal is to keep expanding his network so that thousands more can be positively impacted by his message.

LaVonne Idlette, Reddish Bull Finance

Since high school, LaVonne Idlette has known what it takes to compete at a high level. In high school, she ran track and field and became so dominant that her photo in the hall of champions at her high school is as big as Allen Iverson’s. After competing in college at Hampton University, she competed in the London Olympics while going to law school. By trade, her profession is law, but she came into real estate by force to work with her father and grandfather. Since she was young, LaVonne has had a real estate license and has been immersed in the industry, spending a lot of time at her family’s offices. All of the skills she obtained by training for track and learning the trades of both law and real estate prepared her for massive success in her next endeavor.

Reddish Bull Finance was started by her and her father in 2012, and their joint effort turned out to be dynamic. He was the man behind the scenes making the company operate at a high level while LaVonne was out making connections and building relationships to help scale the company with little to no advertising. Their operations are so efficient that they close virtually 100% of the loans that they pre-approve. LaVonne also has a consulting firm, B3 Inc. The firm specializes in advising professional athletes, entertainers, and ultra high net worth individuals on business acquisitions. Looking to the future, Idlette is set to launch Aurum Capital in 2020, a real estate fund that acquires and turns around housing in emerging areas. The mission of the company will be to provide nice, affordable, clean and safe housing for America’s hardest working families. With all of her past, present, and future ventures, LaVonne has been a force in several industries and will only look to improve moving forward.


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