TTC launches ”Tigris Protocol”, An Innovative DeFi Service

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE/ July 19, 2019 / TTC announces the launch of its new protocol layer within its ecosystem “ Tigris Protocol”, designed for an improved and efficient DeFi services. TTC aims to increase convenient liquidation and utilization of TTC coins by providing convenient financial utility for users within the TTC ecosystem.

Tigris Protocol enables users to effortlessly participate in crypto loans and awards users with rewards proportionate to the users’ participation in the token economy through its separate yet interlinked services.

One of the innovative feature it provides is locking up users’ assets as collateral, anyone can issue a TST-20 (TTC Standard Token) stable coin pegged to a major fiat currency of their choices, which minimizes the price volatility leveraging various types of assets as collateral.

Tigris Protocol provides services include Collateral Debt Service(“CDS”), TTC Staking Service(“TSS”), the Tigris Reward Program and the Tigris physical debit card.

Collateral Debt service provides asset liquidity for holders of TTC coin and TST-20 token without losing possession of their assets. Users can collateralize their cryptocurrency assets and generate stable coin against their collateral.

TTC Staking service (“TSS”) allows TTC coin holders to earn stable voting rewards by staking their TTC coins in the TTC Staking Pool for save to allocate on behalf of the taker, which increases the voting efficiency of TTC consensus and improves the stability of TTC platform.

Tigris Protocol will issues a TST-20 utility token named as “CLAY”, which designed to be used for payment of Collateral debt service fees and a means to incentivize the usage of Tigris Services through the Tigris Reward program. Tigris service users can receive rewards by staking their clay tokens as per the Tigris Reward Program.

Partnering up with a major payment solution on fiat-side, TTC Foundation plans to issue the Tigris Debit Card, a physical payment card which functions as a digital asset-backed credit card, so anyone can expend cryptocurrency without transferring such cryptocurrency out of the mobile wallet or converting it to fiat currency.

Brian Cheong, Founder and CEO of TTC says, “In order to make TTC an even broadly used and commercialized, yet stable, blockchain platform, we have been building this additional layer – to be specific, various transparent and efficient decentralized finance systems.”

Tigris Protocol currently released its official website and white paper to the public, and its actual service scheduled to be deployed at the third quarter of 2019. Interested users can down its TTC’s digital wallet “TTC connect” , which will also played as the trading platform. TTC is positioned to capture market share within the growing DeFi space through its mass adoption fitted blockchain technology.

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