Chinese Film Mobile Exhibition Platform Launched in a New Overseas Market: Smart Cinema USA Officially Rolled Out

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On July 25, Smart Cinema USA was officially launched in North America in a partnership between Smart Cinema and Well Go USA. This is a continuation of the successful overseas launches by Smart Cinema in Italy and Spain in 2018.

Marketed as a “pocket cinema,” the Smart Cinema app mainly carries new releases, entertaining users on a pay-per-view basis. Smart Cinema USA uses 4G/5G, cloud computing and other latest technologies to deliver the most recent and popular Chinese films to overseas audiences. Furthermore, the platform is designed for the habits of North American user. The whole product is localized with targeted features in terms of the interface & content language, login & payment methods etc.

Since the Hollywood-dominated distribution network in North America has long been a difficult circuit for Chinese movies to break into, Smart Cinema says it aims to provide an alternative platform for overseas Chinese to ease their hankering for homegrown movie releases. With the arrival of Smart Cinema USA, the demand for Chinese-language movies by overseas audiences has been satisfied. CEO of Smart Cinema, Jack Gao indicated, “The launch of Smart Cinema USA is significant. It eliminates geographical barriers and reconnects Chinese people abroad with the motherland.”

The Chinese films available for the first time online at the launch of Smart Cinema USA include: “Lost In Love,” “The Twins,” “Out of Crimes,” “The Documentary: Zhang Yimou’s Shadow,” “Starups,” “Four Springs,” “The Taste of Rice Flower,” “A City Called Macau,” “The Heart,” “On the Balcony,” “Red Flowers and Green Leaves,” “Love in 50 Meters,” and “Wrath of Silence.”

Furthermore, the North American launch is only the first step in Smart Cinema’s “2019 Overseas Plan.” Smart Cinema will continue to grow its presence globally, and will gradually launch in even more regions & countries to provide more high-quality Chinese films to overseas audiences. Smart Cinema’s mission is to build a bigger stage for Chinese films and to use the “Film + Internet” new cinema model to continue to empower Chinese films, export cultural confidence, and enable Chinese films to reach the wider world to let the world fall in love with Chinese films.


Smart Cinema USA Inc.

Joy Yong

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