Blockchain Platform TTC announced 
a partnership with, the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool

SEOUL / ACCESSWIRE / July 24, 2019 / TTC has announced the partnership with, the operator of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool. As a first step of the partnership, will join as a Representative (or BP) of TTC main network Rigi. is the world’s largest mining pool, data service, and wallet provider. Since established in 2016, has been providing its users with efficient and user-friendly products through technical optimization and innovation. It provides the №1 mining pool with the highest Bitcoin hash rate, stable mining profits, and specialized services. Its hash rates for other blockchain mining pools are leading in the industry as well. Also, as a data service provider, is a valued partner for various research organizations because of its specialized block explorer and general data analysis capabilities.

Launched on March, TTC main network ‘Rigi’ implemented a newly designed consensus called ‘Multi-tier BFT-DPoS’. It inherited the high speed (TPS) of DPoS, while improving the well-known existing issues, such as collision among Representatives and low voter turnout. In fact, TTC blockchain already has 60 individual and corporate Representatives from 20+ countries around the globe. Also, while the majority (90%+) of cryptocurrencies from the most blockchain projects are stored in exchanges to be traded, 60~70% of total circulating supply of TTC is used for voting. (Compared to EOS, where only 30% of the total circulating supply is used for voting)

TTC Foundation develops and operates “Acorn Protocol”, a social incentivized protocol built on the TTC blockchain. Its first DAPP “tata (written with first letter not capitalized)”, a social network with over 17m registerd users in China, is planned to be launched on 3Q 2019. Once launched, both content creators and general users will all be rewarded with ACN, a cryptocurrency issued by Acorn Protocol, for their contributions to the community, such as giving likes, leaving comments and publishing posts. Acorn Alliance has a total of 8 partner services totally in 32m registered users across multiple regions. TTC plans to drive the mass adoption by migrating users from existing social networks.

Zhong Zhuang, CEO of, said, “TTC is a rare team in the blockchain scene with a clear go-to-market strategy and strong execution capabilities. We are excited to drive the blockchain mass adoption with TTC through this partnership.”

Brian Cheong, CEO and founder of TTC Foundation added, “we are both humbled and thrilled to work with a household name, such as The technology and operational know-how of will help us to build a more sustainable and secure blockchain for billions.”


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