Pam Weinstock’s Designs Capture Rare And Subtle Moments Of Beauty

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / May 7, 2019 / Pam Weinstock‘s designs are full of intrigue. They have a kind of mysterious depth, texture and richness of color that promises to be full of stories and, rest assured, any newcomer to the brand will not be disappointed.

Pam herself is first and foremost a travel photographer who explores the world in search of inspiration from far-away places. Using a unique approach she’s developed over the years, Pam then turns her evocative travel photography into bold and beautiful prints that adorn her collection of fashion and lifestyle products.

Drawing on her photography as the basis of her designs means that each of her products tells a unique story from her fascinating travels: gazing at koi in the waters of the Tokyo Imperial Palace; discovering the perfect Aperol spritz on a rainy day in Venice; a spontaneous sighting of a bright pink door in Charleston; stormy skies in Kyoto and a puddle in London reflecting beautiful clouds when the light is just right.

It was while she was on safari in Botswana and Namibia 15 years ago that Pam’s passion for travel and photography was originally sparked, captivated by the breath-taking landscapes, wildlife and the pure romance of travel itself. Later studying design and photography at Parsons, living in New York and Paris, and working at Katy Barker’s legendary photography agency, she honed her craft and developed her unique eye for capturing beauty in the most unexpected and extraordinary of places.

Founding her brand Pam Weinstock London, has allowed her to bring her vision to a wider audience and her customers are drawn into the sense of mystery, wanderlust and endless romance that flows through her products, whether it’s a silk scarf, candle or day dress.

Pam’s work has an inherent sense of luxury and exclusivity to it too. Each of her collections draws on just four select photographs taken on recent travels, which she carefully edits and crafts into her signature bold and colorful prints. She’s also passionate about keeping her products small batch and limited edition, avoiding mass production at all costs. By adopting this approach to creating her products, it seems like she is passionate about preserving and sharing the special and precious moment that each original photograph is captured in.

With all of this in mind, it’s clear that the Pam Weinstock brand is a brand for our time. People today are increasingly looking for products that tell original stories and offer something genuinely different. Pam’s unique creative approach that draws on real experiences of travel and adventure provides exactly that: exclusive collections of products imbued with rare and subtle moments of beauty.

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