Depesh Mandalia Discovers the Fastest Way to Help Small Businesses Achieve More Success

Mandalia Offers Training Programs that Teach Small Business Owners How to Use Facebook Ads to Attract More Customers

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2019 / Depesh Mandalia, the CEO of SM Commerce and a Facebook Ads agency and owner, is pleased to announce that he is now offering training and coaching programs that help teach small business owners about how to enjoy enormous successes.

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As a spokesperson for Mandalia noted, he has learned first-hand how effective Facebook ads can be to generate income. In the last 3 months of 2018, Mandalia spent about $900,000 to generate $17.1 million in revenue via this method.

Mandalia began his journey into the online world in 1998, when he created his first website. He began to make online income 11 years later in 2009.

Currently, Mandalia runs SM Commerce, which helps established businesses scale faster with Facebook ads, along with his training and coaching program that is focused on helping individuals take his learning and experience into their own businesses.

Now, he is more than happy to take this knowledge and help small businesses enjoy big success.

“Facebook ads are not that hard to learn,” Mandalia noted, adding that he is happy to help others enjoy the same level of success that he and has company have had-all thanks to the social media site. Some of his success stories include his collaboration with Ridestore, where his methods took them from a 7 figure company to an 8 figure company in around four months. Some might call that luck, but after seeing him deliver similar results with a company called Vinterior, it becomes harder to be skeptical. But after helping a brand named SPF smash their goal of selling $2M in annual revenue from their courses, it’s obvious Depesh knows what he is doing.

As Mandalia notes, his training and coaching programs include a proven structure on setting up, testing, optimising and scaling a Facebook ad account, all by using tried and true marketing techniques and innovative Facebook ads strategies. “If you understand what Facebook needs from you it’s fairly easy to get what you need from Facebook. Focus on the user, their outcome and experience, and Facebook reward you with the best audiences at the best prices. It doesn’t get more simpler than that.”

Mandalia also allows his students to have access to his “Mastermind” of outstanding entrepreneurs and marketers who, like Mandalia, have similar goals and ways of thinking. In addition, the training and coaching programs include live video calls where Mandalia will review his students’ accounts, point out opportunities and help troubleshoot any issues and problems.

The world traveling continues, as his calendar was filled with masterminds in Singapore and Fiji during the month of April, and he has plans of another mastermind in London in early June. “Facebook has probably created more millionaires than any other marketing platform in existence. The barrier to start a new business and generate profitability is at an all-time low and right now, no marketing platform on the planet can compete with how well business owners can find their ideal customer and deliver their products and services to them.”

About Depesh Mandalia:

Depesh Mandalia is on a mission to help entrepreneurs “punch above their weight” to build highly profitable businesses through Facebook advertising. As the CEO of SM Commerce, he has generated well over $100M of revenue online including over $25M of profitable Facebook ad spend. An international speaker and insider at Facebook, Mandalia leads his own Facebook ads community and events helping to further his mission to create positive impact and legacy in the world. For more information, please visit


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