Mya’s Outreach Automation Platform Gains Traction With Global 500, Delivers Candidate Response Rates of 40-60%, and Expands Capabilities to Support Multiple Use Cases

Next Generation Outreach Automation Platform Now Supports Expanded
Use Cases Including Sourcing Automation, Database Refresh, Referral
Management, and Talent Pool Management

, the leading conversational AI platform for hiring teams,
today announced that its industry-first Outreach
Automation platform
has delivered unprecedented results at scale,
including response rates of 40-60% and over 2x increase in recruiter
productivity for its customers Entegee, ICS, and others. By automating
outreach to current and prospective candidates, Mya Systems is also
helping large recruitment agencies like Adecco scale efforts to
re-engage candidates in their existing database, build new pipelines,
automate referral acquisition, and manage relationships within their
talent community.

Recent record-breaking employment rates are making organizations
increasingly reliant on outbound recruitment models. Hiring teams spend
countless hours sifting and sorting through databases to identify
possible prospects. They use email, phone, and LinkedIn InMail to try
and solicit those passive candidates, resulting in industry average
response rates of 1-2%. Some have tried using basic chatbot solutions
with simple yes/no and multiple choice response systems that feel
impersonal, can be mistaken as spam, and fail to build trust with

Mya has spent the last 2+ years scaling its Outreach
for many of the largest employers in the world, amassing
millions of data points to train its conversational AI in the context of
passive sourcing and talent pool management. The result is a system that
can communicate seamlessly with candidates in open-ended, natural and
dynamic conversation, delivering dramatically improved engagement rates
and candidate experience for the following use cases:

  • Refreshing existing candidate databases with up-to-date information,
    such as availability, skills, credentials, and work history,
  • Sourcing new candidate pipelines by targeting best-fit candidates for
    open requisitions and scheduling those who are qualified, interested,
    and available for an interview,
  • Managing and nurturing talent pools through regular check-ins and by
    proactively recommending jobs, and
  • Automating referral acquisition, management, outreach, and profile

IT and Engineering Recruitment Agency

a leading engineering and technical staffing agency in the U.S.,
partnered with Mya Systems to help automate the sourcing process for IT
and Engineer roles. Over the course of the first three months of
testing, Mya engaged with over 5,000 passive candidates, resulting in a
52% response rate and 12% scheduled rate. Mya generated 564 interviews
and updated 70% of the agency’s profiles, helping it increase its
efficiency, engagement, and fill rates.

“Mya has eliminated my team’s need to spend countless hours performing
outreach and trying to connect with passive candidates in our database,”
said Kevin McLeod, CEO of Entegee. “With this technology, my recruiters
can spend 100% of their time talking to qualified, available candidates
and converting hires.”

Healthcare Staffing Agency

Mya Systems implemented an Outreach solution for U.K.-based healthcare
staffing agency Independent
Clinical Services
that automates communication and ongoing
engagement with registered nurses and physicians’ assistants in its
database. The goal of the conversations is to verify healthcare
certifications and other credentials to ensure candidate profiles are
up-to-date. Mya has engaged thousands of candidates, netting a 42%
response rate and updating 89% of the agency’s profiles.

“Mya is unlike any platform we saw in the industry,” said Pamela Selfe,
Regulation Training and Compliance Manager with Independent Clinical
Services. “Its robust AI technology enables dynamic, two-way
conversations with our candidates, making our job much more efficient
and enjoyable. Mya was able to connect with our workforce and provide
better engagement than we have previously experienced with more
traditional channels such as email and phone calls. The team at Mya
truly understood our needs. That understanding of the market coupled
with their ability to solve our specific business needs made them a
clear choice.”

About Mya Systems

Founded in 2012, Mya
brings deep AI and NLP expertise together with recruiting
domain pedigree to disrupt the recruiting operational model as we know
it. Mya Systems has established itself as a leading conversational AI
solution provider serving hundreds of the top enterprises and agencies
including 40 of the Fortune 500 and 5 of the 8 largest global staffing
firms. The company has raised 29.4M across 3 venture rounds led by
top-tier investors such as Emergence Capital and Foundation Capital.
Mya’s proprietary conversational
AI platform
uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and
machine learning techniques to automate outreach and communications with
job candidates across the end-to-end recruiting process, enabling
recruiters to prioritize their time with candidates most likely to


for Mya Systems
Audrey Webb, 408-472-2603

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