Altia Systems Demonstrates Real-Time 180° Intelligent Vision System at ISSCC 2019 Industry Showcase Evening Session

Demonstration follows on the heels of the launch of PanaCast 3 camera
system at CES 2019 and ISE 2019.

, creators of the world’s first 180° Panoramic-4K
Plug-and-Play video camera system, today announced that, by invitation
of the ISSCC Technical Program Committee, it demonstrated its real-time
180° intelligent video system at the ISSCC 2019 Industry Showcase
Evening Session that took place on February 18th at the San Francisco
Marriott Marquis Hotel.

The International Solid-State Circuits Conference is the foremost global
forum for presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and
systems-on-a-chip. The Conference offers a unique opportunity for
engineers working at the cutting edge of IC design and application to
maintain technical currency, and to network with leading experts. As
part of the 2019 program, ISSCC 2019 hosted an Industry Showcase Evening
Session on Monday, February 18th with the goal of highlighting the role
of solid-state circuits and systems-on-chip (SoCs) in the creation of
novel products. The showcase featured short presentations, as well as
interactive demonstrations, where attendees could have a hands-on
experience with each featured innovation.

Altia Systems CEO Aurangzeb Khan and Senior Media Architect Dr. Shahab
Baqai and colleagues demonstrated Altia Systems’ real-time 180°
intelligent vision system, producing 2D Panoramic-4K and 3D 4K video,
which includes AI-based people and object detection capabilities.

“We were honored to participate in this Industry Showcase,” Khan
said. “We appreciate the recognition our peers have accorded PanaCast in
our delivery of industry-leading, real-time, immersive intelligent
vision systems.”

Introduced at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and at Integrated Systems Europe
(ISE) 2019 in Amsterdam, the PanaCast 3 integrates three 13-megapixel
cameras, stereo microphones and advanced software to deliver 100% video
coverage, 100% audio capture and 100% data sensing.

The camera easily mounts on top of any digital display or on a wall with
available mounting hardware. The USB-C connection allows connection to
any compatible device or display for instant setup and mobile meeting
capability. PanaCast 3 is compatible with all of today’s leading
collaboration software providers, including Microsoft Teams, Skype,
Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Slack, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and more.

“From huddle rooms to Fortune 500 board rooms and auditoriums,
PanaCast 3 provides the ultimate video collaboration experience to help
teams communicate better, build trust and accelerate business,” said
Khan. “In addition to enhanced video and audio performance, the PanaCast
3 system provides accurate AI data, which is critical for companies to
improve participants’ experience autonomously, automate workflows, and
generate data lakes of valid information.”

Launching at an unprecedented industry price point of (US) $895,
PanaCast 3 uses three 13-megapixel cameras working as one via the
PanaCast Vision Processor to capture the entire room on video, a digital
signal processor and two omnidirectional microphones with 40% better
separation for enhanced audio and an advanced multi-sensor AI array that
has built-in capabilities to detect people. PanaCast 3 delivers crystal
clear video over a 180-degree field of view at Panoramic-4K resolution
(3840×1080), without the distortion of ultra-wide angle or fisheye lens
cameras. PanaCast 3 lets users include all team members in their
conversations and utilize every seat in their rooms or collaboration
spaces, with lossless zoom up to 6x and real-time video stitching just
18 inches from the camera.

Representing an outstanding value, PanaCast 3 is the company’s first
model to come standard with Intelligent Zoom™, which autonomously
adjusts the field of view to include everyone in the conversation, and
the PanaCast API, which enables developers and partners to query the
system for real-time information, such as people count data. PanaCast
Vivid™, which maximizes video performance from rooms with widely varying
light conditions, will also be delivered at no additional cost for
PanaCast 3 customers in an upcoming release. Intelligent Zoom, PanaCast
Vivid and PanaCast API are part of PanaCast’s Intelligent Vision 2.0
suite of edge AI software products for the PanaCast line of camera

In addition to the real-time video enhancing features of Intelligent
Vision, PanaCast 3’s built-in people detection technologies enable
system-wide data analytics by capturing accurate usage and occupancy
information that can be used to automate workflows. “As AV and IT become
more and more integrated, the need for accurate data and metrics
increases,” Khan added. “Our customers value the fact that – in addition
to top-tier video and audio – we uniquely provide wall-to-wall data
coverage, making PanaCast the ideal device for modern video

To deliver the most accurate data, Altia Systems partnered with Intel to
develop Advanced People Detection and Counting technology, and provides
data free of cost via the PanaCast API, or with built-in capabilities in
the latest version of the PanaCast Vision app. The AI software utilizes
a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to count the number of people on
camera, up to 40 feet away, and provide searchable data which
organizations can use to inform decisions on calendar management, room
utilization and resource management, or to automate facility assets such
as TV monitors, lights, videoconferencing equipment and more. The CNN
inference engine is highly optimized for Intel® Core™ processor-based
PCs and the Panoramic-4K video of PanaCast cameras. The technology is
available through the PanaCast API built for the Windows operating
system and can be used for large areas like classrooms, auditoriums and
general gatherings.

For hi-res images, click here.

About Altia Systems

® is a venture-backed company based in Cupertino,
CA., and is the creator of the PanaCast® systems and
Intelligent Vision software products. Funded by Intel Capital and other
leading investors, Altia Systems’ PanaCast solutions deliver real-time
180° Panoramic-4K, Panoramic-5K and 4K 3D video streams from integrated,
synchronized and optimized multi-camera arrays. PanaCast systems and
Intelligent Vision (artificial intelligence) software products are used
by more than 1,600 companies worldwide, including 200+ universities, for
video collaboration, education, AR/VR, live broadcasting and machine
learning for autonomous systems. PanaCast system devices are designed
and assembled in the U.S. and have received prestigious awards such as
CES Innovation Awards Honoree, Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation,
GOOD DESIGN award, Gartner Cool Vendor in Unified Communications, and

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